Өндеулер Видеолекциялар Демо-нұсқа Байланыс Сурак/Жауап        


Center of electronic educational - methodical editions from distance, and education with traditional will give a kind, on to unite the ready prepares works and according to an order(electronic books, virtual and practical, laboratory) and inculcates.


Editions of what electronic educational, CEEME- using all modern technologies, center of SKSU, that prepares.


Editions of what electronic educational, tendency cooking stands following pores:

  • gathering of teaching materials and working with the author of the course;

  • development of the plan of the course;

  • development of design, hierarchy of modules and objects;

  • content development (media, presentations, video lectures);

  • testing the educational edition.

 Electronic editions, that prepared in electronic educational - methodical center of editions, it is possible to find from it web--site: http://www.lib.ukgu.kz/


To form products of Center entered republican to the exhibitions, participating international to the forum on direction informing, republican electronic educational to the catalogue of editions.


We are guests, to accept and we on aim in industry of what only what form, advantage us ground to do all are ready.


Collective of  Center of electronic educational - methodical editions



Koldasova Aida Sembekovna - the center head

e-mail: koldassova79@mail.ru


Bahberdieva Kamshat Maxanbekovna

a hec engineer

e-mail: kamshat_baxberdi@mail.ru


Tuyakbaeva Zhanar Kurkabaevna

a hec engineer-programmer

e-mail: zhannur1977@mail.ru


Kedelbaeva Marjan Serikbaevna

a hec engineer-programmer



Kaldybekova Marzhan Muhtarovna

a hec engineer-programmer

e-mail: kaldibekova_marzhan@mail.ru


Novikova Yekaterina Sergeevna

the expert of a hec engineer

e-mail: yeka@mail.ru


Kerimbekova Gulsara Jadigerovna

a hec engineer-programmer

e-mail: gulsara21_91@mail.ru


Mamshetov Orken Lesbekovich

a hec engineer-programmer

e-mail: m.orik_1daus@mail.ru


Shaidullina Albina Ashatovna

the expert of a hec engineer-programmer

e-mail: albina_333@mail.ru


Yangibaev Baurzhan Amirovich

a hec engineer-programmer

e-mail: baush_87@mail.ru


Helpful information

S R 34.017-2005 - The electronic educational edition

The requirement on preparation of materials and service record registration on development of electronic editions

In Kazakh

In Russian


F.7.19-01 - The office note on development of the electronic edition

In Kazakh

In Russian

F.7.19-03 - The scenario on video lecture record

In Kazakh

In Russian

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The project head: Koldasova A.S.

Technical support: Shaidullina A, A., Yangibaev B.A.,Mamshetov O.L.