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The demonstration version, demoversion, demo, the trial version - preliminary (limited and as a rule free) the product version. The term name - reduction from a word "demonstration". Demoversions give representation to users about a preparing product and are created for attracting attention to the future product. Usually they are somewhat not ready versions of a full productsaling. For these reasons in most cases they are prometed free of charge.


Three demonstration versions of electronic editions created by teachers of university together with workers of the center are presented below.


Demo 1. The electronic book

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Authors: Telgazieva G.A., Shvaikovskiy A.S., Aleksandridi E.Y. (The size of archive of 47,4 MB)


Demo 2. A content


Content - any information is significant for filling the information resource (for example, a web site) - all information which the user can copy (load) on a disk of the computer with corresponding legalities, as a rule, only for private use:

  • texts

  • drawing: pictures, a photo, drawings, interface elements

  • multimedia: audio, video files

  • files in a format: Adobe, Excel, Word, Power Point, exe, rar and etc.

Unique content - a content not having analogs (an exclusive content) on resources of similar subjects or placed on a web site with the permission of the legal owner, growing out of intellectual work and protected by the law on the copyright.

Биотехнология (in the Kazakh language) (The size of archive of 90,5 MB)

Биотехнология (in the Russian language) (The size of archive of 341 MB)


Demo 3. Virtual laboratory work

Our Health in Our Hands. Authots: Abisheva A.M., Dyakonova E.T., Kurdyukova S.M. (The size of archive of 4,75 MB)


The project head: Koldasova A.S.

Technical support: Shaidullina A.A.