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These are the most usual questions at lectures:


1. I would like to make the electronic textbook or virtual laboratory (practical) work. What necessary for this?

First of all for this purpose it is necessary to fill the service record on development of the electronic edition, the form 7.19-01. The sample of the given service record is in the methodical instruction on development of electronic editions (MI SKSU.19-2009). Also it can be downloaded on page Main of this site. After service record filling, it is necessary to address pro-rector SWaIT. When the service record will be signed, it must be brought in the Center of development of contents together with the materials which have been written down on CD. Now your work will be registered in magazine of registration of electronic editions and its development will start.


2. By what font the text for development of the electronic edition should be printed?

According to MI SKSU 7.19-2009, the text should be printed by font Times New Roman. However an error won't print the information with fonts Arial and Palatino Linotype as besides Times New Roman both these font sare standard, that is contain in any operating system and consequently without errors display all symbols entered from the keyboard.


3. How many questions the test task should contain in the electronic book?

If the teacher has decided to check the received knowledge trained after each chapter the quantity of questions in the end of head shouldn't exceed ten. If the teacher has decided to check knowledge after studying all material the quantity of questions shouldn't exceed hundred.


4. What is necessary for the workers of the center to sent the book for receiving copyrights?

Copies of certificates of all authors and the book summary in the Kazakh and Russian languages (no more than one sheet A4) are necessary.


5. Why copyrights are appropriated not only to teachers, but also workers of the center?

Workers of the center create this book in the special program with the design and the concept of the electronic book, write a program code.


The project head: Koldasova A.S.

Technical support: Shaidullina A.A.